PEEK | Ultimate Multi-Metal Polish

Cleans, Polishes, Restores & Protects surfaces

Peek Polish products for cleaning and shining metal surfaces – The ultimate multi-metal Polish used in Africa and internationally.

This metal polish provides a 4-in-one action that Cleans, Polishes, Restores, and Protects 38 surfaces: silverware, bar taps, faucets, chandeliers, countertops, sinks, mirrors, porcelain, and much more.

Peek Metal Polish is easy to use and gives you the best value for your money. The polish is a universal product and can also be used on countless items. Polish includes long-lasting ingredients, which remove oxidation, discoloration and leave an anti-oxidant protective layer on all these surfaces.

Peek Metal Polish products:


Polish Brass surfaces, Copper, Chrome, Silver, Gold, Chrome wheels, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, Pewter, Acrylic, Sterling Silver, Headlights...

  • Peek Polish – Ultimate Multi Metal Polish
  • Peek Magic Blue Polish
  • Best Brass Polish with protective coating
  • Chrome & Aluminium Polish protective coating
  • Headlight Polish requires topcoat to seal surface
  • Headlight Polish requires topcoat to seal surface
  • Polish costume jewellery with protective coating
  • Best Silver Polish, (NSF) Food Grade Approved

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